Mr. Roberts is a godsend.

Posted by Aaron


"Regretfully, I found myself in trouble twice. (12 counts of simple burglary, and a DUI) Both times, Mr. Roberts came through with results far exceeding my best expectations. He obviously has an extremely in depth knowledge of law. Not only that, he genuinely cared...which is rare in general for all people these days, much less so if you're familiar with the typical lawyer stereotypes. The second time I found myself in trouble, it even took me a second to go see him because I had a feeling he'd be kind of disappointed I messed up again. Not something you get from any lawyer, but I'd rather he care than not care at all. Even his assistant, Ms. Sasha, is friendly, compassionate, and understanding. They always kept in contact and answered my questions promptly. Never had a single complaint with our interaction, and as I said, the results of my cases were far better than I could have ever wished for. I just hope we don't run into each other under the same circumstances again."



Absolute Best DUI Attorney Bar None!

Posted by Shane

"I actually went through a couple Attorneys before I was lucky enough to find Chaz. My situation without going into to much detail, was dire to say the least. I mean ruin the rest of my life dire. What my previous Attorneys couldn't accomplish over an almost 2 year time span, Chaz got it done in less than 3 months with a 100% better outcome! To sum it up Chaz is a Masterful Defense Attorney. If you are in need of help, call Chaz without hesitation or question. There is know way to explain in words what he did for me and do it full justice. From me and my family we thank you Chaz from the bottom of our heart. You are truly a great person inside out and out."



The best lawyer!

Posted by L.Z

"Mr. Roberts represented me in a crime case and helped me out of it. Mr. Ronberts is a professional, knowledgeable and responsible lawyer. He provided me professional advises and encouraged me during my hard time. Honestly, he is the person I would totally trust. He would pay 100% effort even if there is only 10% chance to win. Mr. Roberts is the lawyer that I would highly recommend it. If you are looking for a lawyer, he is the one!"



Top Lawyer of Acadiana - 2014 and 2015

Posted by Jason

"It is no surprise Chaz is a celebrated young lawyer. His representation is highly professional, preparation extremely thorough, execution very concise and he is very clever in his approach to a court proceeding with his client’s best interest in mind. He achieved the best possible outcome in my case and in the shortest possible time frame. My research of lawyers narrowed my choice to Chaz and I couldn't have made a better decision. If your reading this you are probably at the same juncture I was, so save yourself hours of research and look no further. You will be very glad you did."



Wish all attorneys were like Chaz

Posted by Brandon

"Chaz represented me after another lawyer took my money and did nothing. (We will call him George K_ox, who will be getting sued for malpractice soon enough, but I digress). Chaz exhibited all of the good qualities I'd expect and desire from a professional, especially an attorney. He was very honest, he and his staff took time to respond to me in a timely manner and he delivered the results I was expecting. Although I may have had a very bad experience with another attorney in Lafayette, I can honestly say that they aren't all bad and Chaz is one of the very few good ones. Should I ever need an attorney in Louisiana again, he is my go to guy. Very happy with him and I expect he is going to have a great career."



Amazing lawyer!


"My last court date was on October 15, 2014. I contacted Mr. Chaz nearly ten months after he represented me. Though he didn't have to as he was my court appointed attorney, he made it a point to help me with what I needed. I honestly believe he helped more than an attorney I would have paid thousands to! I highly recommend him to anyone who has legal troubles. He takes pride in what he does and cares about his clients!"



Genuine 5 star

Posted by Wes, A Car Accident Client


"I despise false reviews and do extensive research on products and services before choosing. Chaz and his front office are real, knowledgable, caring, professional and responsive. His response was quick, to the point and offered expert advice along with compassion and a no nonsense approach to achieving the best resolution. After my very first meeting I left with respect, admiration and confidence in Chaz and his ability. I recommend him without reservation."


Domestic Violence related case in Lafayette, LA

Posted by a client


"Chaz H. Roberts Law was the best choice I could ever have made per court representation for this case. Together with his assistant, this law firm did an excellent job. Chaz was very easy to talk to, superbly responsive and very helpful. The charges were dropped and everything went according to plan. I could not have made a better choice to have Chaz as the lawyer for this case. He knows exactly what is involved, what to do and how to go about it. I was very impressed with his work and legal counsel."

Simple Burglary

Posted by Matthew
"Chaz was incredible! From day one, it was clear that I had the right guy. He got to know me personally throughout the legal process. I was charged with Simple Burglary, and he fought until the very last second to have it amended to a misdemeanor theft charge. My feeling is this: if you show Chaz that you are a person worth fighting for, he will not stop until he has achieved the best possible outcome for your case. I would recommend Chaz over and over again. I can't say enough good things about the man. I'm grateful for having had him handle my case. Great guy, excellent attorney. My advice to anyone reading my review is to call, make an appointment, or do whatever you have to do to get Chaz on your team."


Domestic violence

Posted by David

"Mr. Roberts handled my case in the most professional way possible. My charge of domestic violence was dropped to disturbing the peace. He kept me informed every step of the way through email and phone calls. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone in need."



Best lawyer ever!

Posted by Tina

"Where to begin!!! Chaz H Roberts is an excellent lawyer, he is a very trustworthy person! Chaz went above and beyond to to help me get what I deserved! Chaz made me feel comfortable talking to him! I wuz very proud to say That I had Chaz Roberts for my lawyer! He gave ne his word that he'd help me, & that he did! Thanks Chaz I appreciate everything you did for me!!!!"



Knowledge, Skill, Experience, and Dynamism.

Posted by Garry
"I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.If you are reading this then it may well be that you are in a "tight spot".

It so, it follows that you may be about to make one of the most crucial decisions you ever make.
I, through direct experience, do endorse Mr. Roberts as an authentic expert in the area of OWI defense.

Mr. Roberts may be the best decision you ever make.

I stand by my words."



2nd review

Posted by Jeremy
"Outstanding service and staff! Chaz represented me for owi/ dui case in an area outside of his stomping grounds with excellant results. He managed to get a clearly cut and dry case acquitted. I recommend Chaz Roberts and his staff to everyone I know. I am shouting from from rooftops about how much I am satisfied with the results of my case."



Best attorney around!!

Posted by Blair
"Chaz went above and beyond any expectations I had! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone I know. He is excellent at what he does and tries his hardest to give you the best service he can. He never gave up or settled for anything less than what I deserved while working on my case and during my mediation. I would not hesitate to hire him again if I ever needed an attorney. I will never be able to thank him enough for all of his help!!!!"



The Best of the Best

Posted by Tosha
"I can be here all day writeing,but I will try to keep it short! This Man is everything plus excellent! This is the man you would want standing next to you in a court room I found him on Av vo and I am so pleased with my outcome,All warrents were dropped (Fugetive) ×(2).Dismissed from all fines,probation, classes,and cuminity service! If there is the smallest chance of any way of not doing time HE IS YOUR MAN MAKE THIS CALL! Thank you Chaz! My family and I are ALL at home together.There will never be anybody else I would call but him.After people in the court room saw what he did for us, they were all trying to get him to talk to them.But most important thank you for your Loyalty,Honesty,and the time that you made for us."



Saved my butt from certain jail time by keeping me on task & working some magic

Posted by Daniel
"I was popped on a DUI & minor possession of marijuana- Two separate courts with two separate probation conditions. I lost track of everything (my original lawyer sucked & really just took my cash), was certainly going to jail at next Probation Revocation hearing (that I missed which was adding more trouble), but I got in touch with Mr. Roberts. Chaz worked his magic & his staff kept me on task with gentle reminders. Chaz Roberts is top-of-the-class & the only lawyer I'll ever refer to anyone."



first-class representation

Posted by Jon-Casey
"Mr. Roberts was extremely knowledgeable about the laws surrounding my owi charge. He was eager to answer any questions I had and responded within a day to e-mails or phone calls. He told me what the probable results of my case were going to be and fought hard to produce the best outcome for me. I was very satisfied with his representation of me and my case and I would highly recommend Mr. Roberts."


Trustworthy, Reliable, Amazing Attorney

Posted by T
"Chaz was a wonderful attorney. He kept us informed constantly and was very responsive to my calls/emails. Not living in the state of Louisiana it was hard to choose a lawyer to fight my case, choosing Chaz Roberts was the best decision we made. He did a great job at getting our case resolved in just a few short months! Couldn't have asked for better. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Chaz Roberts!"



legal advice and assistance

Posted by Jennifer
"I was involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist. I contacted Mr. Roberts to determine how i could minimize my out of pocket expenses and resolve the case in a quick, timely manner. Although my case was small, he was very professional, responsive, and attentive to my legal needs. It was a pleasure working with him and I would definitely call him for any legal advice in the future."






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